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  • The beginning...

    The beginning...

    The beginning of a new era. We are currently converting the whole site to work with PHP 5.6

    In the same time we're restructuring the whole platform and rewriting the source from v3 (that was actually quite successful), to be more effective than before. This also means that we're separating the sites, so we could start building a more proper version of TorneAPI, TorneDLL and TorneEngine.

    To be continued...
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  • Webradio Update

    Webradio Update

    Tornevall Networks Webradio (Link here) has added two new channels to it's archive, after a new announce from Drumstep and Dub.

    Also added is Slayradio, Radio Clubzone and Radioseven.

    To always keep your playlist updated, this list is also available through Subversion, via or svn://
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  • tsrvdb get's a neighbour

    tsrvdb get's a neighbour

    Tornevall Networks primary database server tsrvdb gets a neighbour. tsrvdb02 is about to release and it's primary goal is to take over a bunch of work from tsrv04, which compared to it's big brothers only a little pony. Tsrvdb02 is not only taking over some database-processing, spamfilter and a dnsbl zone generator, it is also a virtualizing machine, which means saving of power. Due to the risky business tsrv02 has, by being primary storage of webservices and mailout, tsrvdb02 may also take a role...
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  • Tornevall Networks Documents

    Tornevall Networks Documents

    Welcome to Tornevall Networks Portal. Documents can always be found at
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